When you separate there are a range of legal issues which can affect children. These include:

Where a child is to live and with whom ( Formerly known as a Residence Order, now called a Child Arrangement Order)

What time a child spends with the other parent (Formerly known as a Contact Order, now part of a Child Arrangement Order)

Whether or not the living arrangements can be shared (Formerly known as a Joint Residence Order)

Disputes as to the child’s surname, schooling or religion (Specific Issue Order)

Legal rights in respect of a child (Parental Responsibility Order)

Protective measures for a child such as stopping a child being removed from the jurisdiction (Prohibited Steps order)


Our experienced family law solicitors can assist with all of the above and will always aim to deal with your case sensitively and we will always aim to make sure that all parties keep your child’s welfare paramount.

Our Fees

We appreciate that you will be concerned about legal costs. We aim to be totally transparent in relation to our fees and will fix our fees wherever possible.

We offer a fixed fee package of advice in respect of disputes surrounding children as follows:

Children Law Fixed Fee Package

This includes initial advice about children issues, negotiations with another party, referral to mediation.  We can carry out up to 3.5 hours work on your case. If you require further assistance you can buy another 3.5 hours’ worth of advice.

This does not include representation at court, going on the court record or court fees. If proceedings become litigated we will charge you on our hourly rate basis.

Our Fee: £350 + VAT

Where it is not possible to provide our clients with a fixed fee for the work they require us to carry out, then we will charge an hourly rate which is discussed in detail below.

Sometimes a client`s legal fees can become increased by the behaviour of their opponent which can influence the length of time that it takes to resolve their legal case. In these circumstances solicitors cannot always provide a fixed fee at the outset of the case.

Where we need to work on an hourly basis, we charge £150 per hour + VAT.

Our research indicates that the average hourly rate charged by a high street solicitor in the UK is £220 + VAT. We offer competitive rates without reduced expertise.

If you would like to discuss any family law issues at a free initial interview, please contact us on 01625 429131
or email us at  info@easyreachlegal.co.uk