Resolving Employment Disputes Efficiently and Cost-Effectively

We represent both employees and employers in all types of employment law disputes. Because we have experience representing both sides, we can anticipate the issues and arguments the other side will use and develop an appropriate response.

Our expert employment lawyers have handled cases involving disputes over alleged breaches of the Wages Act, breaches of employment contracts, unfair dismissal cases and other employment law disputes. We have considerable experience representing clients in tribunal hearings and in the county court. When advising and representing clients however, we first considers the full range of solutions that are available at a tribunal, in court and through agreements reached privately between the parties. This approach better places the client to obtain an outcome that is fair, realistic and cost-effective.

Mediation and Compromise Agreements

In an employment law dispute, it is often beneficial to both sides to resolve it before it goes before a tribunal. A Compromise Agreement reached through negotiation or mediation can save time and money. The parties themselves also have greater say over the eventual outcome compared to the tribunal process.

We have extensive experience obtaining acceptable outcomes through the techniques of negotiation and mediation. If negotiation or mediation is appropriate in your case, we can seek results for you using these alternatives.

Employee Disputes

Under UK law, an employee has certain rights. A dismissal or disciplinary procedure must comply with the law. You cannot be discriminated against on the basis of, for example, your race, disability, sex or sexual orientation. And if your employer is taken over, you are entitled to retain employment on previous terms, with some exceptions.

If your employer has broken the law regarding these or other matters, you can take action to assert your rights and obtain justice.

We represent employees who are the victims of illegal employment practices. The firm represents employees in employment law matters involving:

Transfer of undertakings (TUPE claims)
Wrongful and unfair dismissal claims
Workplace discrimination
Maternity and paternity leave
Part-time workers' rights
And other employment law matters

Possible Remedies in Your Case

In some employment law cases, the law is specific regarding remedies. In others, the employee may have the ability to shape the nature of the settlement. If you have been unfairly dismissed for example, you may want to be reinstated. You may be able to obtain compensation for wages you have lost. Alternatively, the employer may propose re-engagement — that is, offering you another position at the company. We will closely examine the circumstances of your case and discuss possible solutions with you.

What Next?

Strict time limits apply in employment law so please contact us for advice as soon as possible for a free initial assessment of your case. We will consider your prospects of success and the best way of funding your claim which includes considering whether it is suitable for a no win, no fee agreement or a contingency fee agreement. We will discuss all the options with you at your free initial telephone assessment.

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