Our ethos is to help make access to legal services easier. For this reason we are pleased to be able to offer you, a range of legal templates and detailed guidance notes for when you just need a little help.

All of these legal products have been drafted by experienced solicitors so that you can be confident that they are accurate and up to date.

It is important that if you intend to purchase one of these documents that you understand the following:

  • The information contained within these products is intended as a general statement of law and does not purport to give specific legal advice.
  • The legal products are not intended to provide a complete and authoritative statement of the law.
  • By purchasing one of the products you are not entering into a client/solicitor contract or relationship with Blunts Solicitors trading as Easy Reach Legal™.

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Change of Name Pack

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You are entitled under UK law to change your name at any time provided that the use of your new name is not intended to deceive or defraud anyone. Changing your name may be particularly important to you if you have just been through a divorce and want to revert to your maiden name.

Deed of Assignment and Guidance Notes

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This precedent is suitable for people wishing to transfer ownership of an Endowment policy or Life Policy. These are frequently required by companies when an endowment policy needs to be transferred as a result of a divorce settlement.

Parental Responsibility Guidance Notes and Agreement

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Parental Responsibility is often said to be the “bundle of rights and responsibilities that go with being a parent.”
If you are separated from the mother of your children and wish to be involved in all the important decisions in their life, it is vital that you establish if you have Parental Responsibility for them, and if you don’t, how you can obtain it.

Parenting Plan and Guidance Notes on Disputes Surrounding Children


The Parenting Plan is a DIY template that has been developed by experienced family lawyers to help you and your former partner to try and agree the main areas that cause the most conflict when parents separate.
Please note that the Parenting Plan is in no way legally binding and is not enforceable. By completing the Parenting Plan you and your partner will be addressing the main issues that are most likely to cause dispute so that you can try and avoid the stress and expense of having to go to court.

Separation Agreement and Guidance Notes

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A Separation Agreement is for couples who may or may not have been married and who intend to separate. A Separation Agreement can be used to formalise any agreement that they have come to in relation to the children, money and property.