Consent Order Drafting Service- £800 + VAT + court fees

The only way to ensure that your ex-spouse has no further claim against you is to have in place a court order that deals with how the matrimonial assets are to be divided and which dismisses all further claims. This is usually done by preparing and submitting a Consent Order to the court.

Without a court order, even though you and your former spouse may have been divorced for many years, there is still the possibility that at some point in the future your ex-spouse could make a claim against you.

The only circumstances where your former spouse can no longer make a claim against you is if they remarry before they have applied for a financial order. 

Drafting a Consent Order correctly is complex and submitting them to the court is not a rubber stamping exercise. For this reason only our specialist lawyers draft your Consent Order. They have a wealth of experience in this area and can advise you if any aspect of your Consent Order is likely to prove problematic. 

How our service works:

If you only want a minimum level of help we will carry out the following:

  1.  1 hour meeting with one of our Family Solicitors who will advise you of the approach that the court takes to financial proceedings.
  2. Provide you with details of suitable mediators who can help you reach an agreement including those that undertake legal aid work.
  3. Provide you with details of the disclosure that you and your spouse should provide to each other and provide you with a D81 (statement of information) form for the court.
  4. Provide you with details of Independent Financial Advisers and/or Actuaries who can help you deal with any issues surrounding your pensions.
  5. Draft the consent order that would turn the agreement reached between you and your spouse into a binding agreement.
  6. Draft the D81 form.

You would then submit the draft consent order and D81 to the court for the court’s consideration.

This level of assistance does not provide any advice on the disclosure given by your spouse or the merits of the settlement reached and would not include corresponding with your spouse or going on the court record.

If there are pensions that need to be shared we can complete the pension sharing annex court

+forms  for you but we cannot advise you on the value of the pensions or which pension to share.

Our charges for this are £800 + VAT

There is a court fee of £50 for submitting the consent order to the court.

 For an initial payment of £60 + VAT you can download the following:

  • Guidance Notes for Consent Orders,
  • Guide on how to complete Form A and Form D81 (the two court forms required for    Consent Orders)
  • Forms A and D81.
  • An example of a Consent Order for illustrative purposes.

If you do wish to proceed  with the drafting service the £60 + VAT is deducted from the fee of £800 VAT. 

If you require more assistance than this then please contact us for a quote.

If you have any further queries about this service then please call us or email us at or