Divorce/Civil Partnership Dissolution

For our online service, if you are the person starting the divorce (the Petitioner) please see the section for online divorce for full details.

Our Fee: £240 + VAT + court fees (£550) = £838

For our traditional divorce service where we go on the court record we charge:

Our Fee: £550+ VAT + court fees (£550) = £1210

Assistance for Respondents 

If you have received divorce papers from your spouse, and the divorce is not contested, we will deal with the court papers on your behalf.

Representation at a costs hearing or hearing in relation to the children is not included.
Our Fee : £150 + VAT

Financial Matters

This includes advice about financial issues, negotiating with another party, working towards a financial settlement, making a referral to mediation, issuing court proceedings if necessary. 

Fixing a fee for this service is difficult. At your first interview will will give you an estimate of the likely costs involved.

Our Fee : £150 + VAT per hour

Consent Order Drafting Service

For full details of our online service please see the relevant section.

Our fee: From £550 + VAT


This includes initial advice about children issues, negotiations with another party and a referral to mediation and issuing court proceedings if necessary. 

We will advise you of the likely costs at your first interview.

Our Fee: £150 + VAT per hour

Pay As You Go

If you just need a little help during the course of a dispute, we can offer a 1 hour meeting with one of our family law solicitors together with a follow up letter confirming our advice.

This does not include corresponding with other parties, going on the court record or representation at court.

Our Fee: £150 + VAT 

Other Experts and their Fees

At certain points in your case you may need help from other experts. We cannot advise you of their costs at this stage but we will always obtain a quote from them first so you can budget accordingly.


In disputes regarding financial disputes or children (where mediation has failed) and where matters are more complex, we may  recommend that clients obtain an Advice from a barrister. We only use specialist family barristers who are in and out of the family courts on a daily basis and who know what judges are likely to award in terms of a settlement. We find that this strengthens your negotiating position and helps case settle more quickly.

Barrister’s fees vary depending on their level of experience and start at around £125 per hour + VAT. An Advice for a straight forward financial dispute, or dispute concerning children, usually takes 2-3 hours. A more complex case can take  longer. 

We charge £150 per hour + VAT to instruct the barrister and provide them with the appropriate information so that they can properly prepare their Advice.

If your case goes to court you will also need representation at court from a barrister. We will discuss these extra costs with you if applicable.

Independent Financial Advisors

If you have a pension then you may need to get it valued by an actuary and an IFA  may need to assist you with the transfer of a pension if this forms part of your financial settlement. We can arrange a quote for you in this respect.


We are not qualified to provide you with advice on the tax implications of your case. If you need assistance in this respect we can obtain a quote for you from a suitably qualified tax specialist.

If we believe that your spouse is attempting to hide financial assets from you then we may need to instruct a forensic accountant to assist in this respect.


The government has now made it compulsory for couples with disputes in relation to finances or children to attend mediation before commencing court proceedings. Many mediators have a sliding scale of charges depending on your income. Initial assessment meetings start at around £60 + VAT per person for a joint meeting and £75 + VAT for an individual session. We can help you find a suitable mediator. 

Other Family Law Services

If you would like a quote for a separation agreement, co-habitation agreement or any other family law matter then please do not hesitate to call or email us.

Not sure if you want to instruct us?

If you would like more information about any of our family law services then please call or email us for a free, no obligation  consultation with one of our family solicitors.