Divorce/Civil Partnership Dissolution

For our online service, if you are the person starting the divorce (the Petitioner) please see the section for online divorce for full details.

Our Fee: £600 + VAT + court fees (£550) = £1270

We take an initial payment of £300 + VAT with the balance payable at the conclusion of your case

If you are the Respondent:

If you have received divorce papers from your spouse, and the divorce is not contested, we will deal with the court papers on your behalf.

Our Fee : £200 + VAT


Financial Matters on Divorce:

This includes:

  • A 1 hour consultation with one of our family law solicitors who will give you initial advice about the court's approach to financial issues on divorce.
  • Provide advice about which documents you must disclose to you spouse.
  • Provide you with details of IFA's and /or actuaries who can advise you further if there are pensions that need to be shared.
  • Provide you with details of forensic accountants who can assist in valuing companies and assist with establishing if your spouse is trying to hide assets. They can also provide tax advice on any proposed settlement, advice that we are unable to provide.
  • Provide you with details of mediators (including those that undertake legal aid work) and who can assist you and your spouse with negotiating  a financial settlement.

This service does not include corresponding with your spouse. If further assistance is require we will charge on an hourly rate basis.

Our Fee : £400 + VAT


Consent Order Drafting Service

For full details of our online service please see the relevant section.

Our fee:  £800 + VAT


Disputes Surrounding Children

This includes:

  • 1 hours initial advice from one of our family law solicitors about the court's approach to disputes surrounding  children.
  • The preparation of a Parenting Plan to help you negotiate an agreement with your partner.
  • Providing you with details of the Child Maintenance Service.
  • Providing you with details of mediators who can help you reach an agreement with your partner (including mediators who undertake legal aid work) and make  a referral to mediation if required.

This service does not include  corresponding with your partner.

If you require further help such as representation at court, we will charge on an hourly basis.

Our Fee: £400 + VAT


Pay As You Go

If you just need a little help during the course of a dispute, perhaps with completing a court form, we can offer a 30 minute meeting with one of our family law solicitors together with a follow up letter confirming our advice.

This does not include corresponding with other parties, going on the court record or representation at court.

Our Fee: £200 + VAT


Other Family Law Services

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