You are entitled under UK law to change your name at any time provided that the use of your new name is not intended to deceive or defraud anyone.

Changing your name may be particularly important to you if you have just been through a divorce and want to revert to your maiden name. You may also want to investigate changing your child’s name.

Our Change of Name  Pack includes templates  for you to complete which can then be used as evidence of your change of name. All our templates come as Word documents so they are easy to amend. The pack includes the following:

  • Guidance on how to change your name
  • Guidance on changing a child’s name
  • Guidance on changing your name by Deed Poll
  • Guidance on changing your name by Statutory Declaration
  • Guidance on title and name restrictions
  • Guidance on who to advise of your change of name
  • Template for a change of an adult’s name by Deed Poll
  • Worked example of a change of name by Deed Poll
  • Instructions on how to enrol your Deed Poll
  • The court forms required to enrol an adult’s and child’s change of name by Deed Poll
  • Statutory Declaration of Change of Name template for and adult and a child
  • Worked example of a Statutory Declaration

These Guidance Notes are currently being updated. Please email us for further information.

5 % of the profits from this product will go to Smile Train, a charity that offers surgical help for children in the developing world born with cleft palates.

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