The Parenting Plan is a DIY template that has been developed by experienced family lawyers to help you and your former partner to try and agree the main areas that cause the most conflict when parents separate.
Please note that the Parenting Plan is in no way legally binding and is not enforceable. By completing the Parenting Plan you and your partner will be addressing the main issues that are most likely to cause dispute so that you can try and avoid the stress and expense of having to go to court.
• The Parenting Plan comes as a word document so that it can easily be tailored to fit your circumstances. It covers sections such as where the children will live, how much contact the absent parent will have, arrangements for holidays and much more. Simply follow the instructions in the Guidance Notes provided.
• We have developed a comprehensive set of Guidance Notes to assist you with the Parenting Plan that deal with:
• The Approach taken by the court when dealing with applications concerning children.
• The Welfare Principle and the Welfare Checklist.
• The court orders that you can apply for if agreement breaks down.
• What you can expect from the court if you make an application for contact.
• Changing a child’s surname.
• Child Abduction.
• Allegations of domestic violence.
• The Guidance Notes will address questions such as “Can I take my child abroad without my ex- partner’s agreement?” and “Can I insist that my ex-partner pays maintenance before I allow him any contact?”.

5% of the profits from the sale of this product will go to Smile Train, a charity that offers surgical help for children in the developing world born with cleft palates.

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